images (2)Good morning or afternoon or evening to you guys! You can call me Marco and welcome to my very first blog.

Every blog has a purpose. Some are meant as an outlet for someone’s hobbies and interests. Some people use blogs to share stories about themselves, their lives, the people around them and what happened to their lives. You can call it some sort of personal documentation. A diary in short. There are also some people who use blogs differently. Like for example using it to make money. Now that is really something interesting. You talk about various and make money at the same time.

How about my blog? What purpose do I have in making this blog?

JE NE SAIS PAS! That’s I don’t know in French. Great! Finally, I was able to use it where it would make sense to other people.

I have no idea what’s the exact purpose why I am writing this blog. I don’t see any direction from here on. I will just write and write anything that I want and see where it might take me. I am such a clueless guy you know.

Why not check my blog again next time. Who knows I might post something that would be of interest to you.